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Among Hindus, the god Ganesh is invoked before every undertaking. He is an elephant-headed deity who was the first son of Shiva and Parvati. He sits on a throne or lotus, and is often found above temple gateways, in shops, houses… as well as on every Cox & Kings brochure and here on our website.

In his arms he holds a conch, a discus, a bowl of sweets and a water lily and he is always attended by his vehicle, a rat. Ganesh is credited with having written the Mahabharata (the most popular of the epic Hindu texts), as dictated by the sage Vyasa, and he is a god of wisdom, learning, success, prosperity and peace. He is also regarded as a remover of obstacles and, overall, as a symbol of auspiciousness.

Cox & Kings is a company with strong roots in India stretching back generations. So who better to cast a benevolent eye over Cox & Kings and our clients as we embark on each new journey than the chubby, smiling Ganesh?

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