Sapporo city tour

| May 15, 2020

The focal point for the city of Sapporo is the Tokei-Da clock tower. It is one of the few remaining western-style buildings in Sapporo, built with assistance from the American government in the 1870's. Other sites of interest include the Jingu temple, which is a Shinto shrine set in forested grounds that was the site of the reclamation of Hokkaido by Emperor Meiji in 1869. Hokudai Shokubutsuen is a botanical garden and museum exhibiting over 4,000 plants in a 14-hectare site. The former Hokkaido Government Office was built in 1871 as the administrative base for the development of Hokkaido, and is now open to the public with some historical exhibition rooms, libraries, a museum shop and flower garden.

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