HD Visit to Shuanglin Temple & the Family Wang Courtyard

| May 15, 2020

Qiaotou village, in the countryside south of Pingyao, is home to the Shuanglin temple, a Buddhist place of worship notable for its collection of more than 2,000 colourful clay statues. Dating from the 12th to 19th century, the temple has been designated as a Unesco world heritage site. Further south is the Family Wang Courtyard, a luxurious residence that was established in the mid-17th century, and gradually expanded for over a century. This large complex encompasses 123 courtyards and 1,118 houses, and it is worth taking time to explore as there is much to discover. There are many superb examples of Ming and Qing architecture, and some beautifully carved lattice screens and windows. The cave dwellings just outside the compound are also worth visiting.

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