HD - visit to Maharaja's Palace

| May 15, 2020

Among the grandest of India's royal buildings, the Maharajah's Palace was the former seat of the Wodeyar maharajas. Completed in 1912, this beautiful palace dominates the centre of Mysore. The building is a synthesis of Hindu and Saracenic architecture, designed by Henry Irwin, a British architect. It is topped with a single brass-plated dome surrounded by turrets, giving it a fairy tale appearance, which is further enhanced by the illumination of 96,000 light bulbs during Dussehra and every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm. The interior is also lavishly decorated with stained glass, mirrors, pillars, paintings and jewels. The way into the palace takes you past a fine collection of sculptures and artefacts whilst the armoury contains an intriguing collection of 700 or more weapons. Share: [Sassy_Social_Share]
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