HD Off the Beaten Track (Old Kowloon) Tour

| May 15, 2020

Escorted by an expert local guide, wander through the neighbourhoods of old Kowloon. Visit Wong Tai Sin, one of Kowloon's most colourful and popular temples. As Wong Tai Sin is the god of good fortune, worshippers come here not only to pray but also to have their futures told. Stroll through the bird market, a fascinating open-air park with stalls selling and trading all types of domesticated birds. Beautiful bamboo cages, seeds, and bags of grasshoppers and worms are also sold here. The Chinese hobbyists are particularly fascinated by song birds and birds that can speak. They will quite often take their feathered friends along to meet friends in the park or to accompany them while they eat breakfast in a restaurant. The nearby jade market is packed with dealers selling all manner of carved jade including bangles, earrings, ornaments and intricately detailed pendants.

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