HD Iaido Japanese swordsmanship class

| May 15, 2020

Experience the art of Japanese swordsmanship, a craft known as 'iaido', which can be translated as 'the way of the encounter'. Its emphasis is on precise, fluid movements in combat combined with spiritual clarity, as a result, some to refer to it as 'moving Zen'. You will be the guest of an operating 'dojo', practicing with masters of the art. During the first part of the experience, you will watch the choreographed forms, called 'kata', performed by students of the style. Your instructor will then guide you through basic movement using a real iaido sword. You'll even have a chance to try the cutting technique you just learned on rolled bamboo mats or other items made of straw. The class takes place at a cultural centre in Yanaka, a well-preserved and traditional district of Tokyo known for its artisans and craftspeople.

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