Full-day tour of Lesotho (private excursion)

| May 15, 2020

Leave early this morning with your guide in a 4x4 vehicle and ascend the spectacular Sani Pass into the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Lesotho has a land area of approximately 30,000 sq km, with no part of the country below 1,000 metres and much of the land consisting of high mountains. It has clean air, spectacular skies and brilliant sunshine for more than 300 days each year. Most of the inhabitants are Basotho and speak the national language Sesotho, although nearly all speak excellent English. Although many Basotho live and work outside their country, their attachment to their culture is still strong. Basotho culture is centred around village life, and most traditions and festivals relate to village life and the seasons of the year. In the towns, as well as in the mountains, it will not be unusual to meet a Basotho horseman, clad in a kobo (his traditional cloak or blanket) and raising his hand in the traditional khotso greeting, meaning 'peace'. The Sani Pass is the only road link between KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho. Starting at 1,540 metres above sea level, follow the deep valley incised by the Mkhomazana river to the summit at 2,873 metres, with almost 1,000 metres climbed in the last 8km. In summer, waterfalls cascade into the river below. The vast floral variety has earned this region world heritage site status. Once you reach the summit and pass through immigration, visit a local village and learn how these people survive in this high altitude landscape. Taste the locally brewed joala or sample the delicious behobe baked on a hut fire. Then enjoy lunch in the Sani Mountain Lodge – the highest pub in Africa. The wall-to-wall windows offer magnificent views and a shelter from the cold and the winds outside. Descend the pass in the afternoon.

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