Full-day excursion to the Kingdom of Swaziland including lunch (Private excursion)

| May 15, 2020

Although you can spend longer than a day in Swaziland, a full-day tour offers a taste of some of the highlights of this intriguing mountainous country. This is one of the longest standing dynasties in Africa, ruled since 1986 by King Mswati III, known for having 14 wives. On your tour you will be able to experience the warm hearted nature of its people, who are known to be very welcoming and friendly. Fertile valleys and magnificent mountain scenery are combined with authentic arts and crafts visits on this tour of the Swazi kingdom. Highlights include the Maguga Dam, the Nsangwini Rock Art, the Swazi Market, the Candle Factory, Mantenga Craft Centre and Ngwenya Glass.

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