FD Longsheng Rice Terraces

| May 15, 2020

North-west of Guilin the landscape rises into hilly country. The Sanjiang and Dong ethnic groups live in this region, an area of small villages and farms that are typical of rural China. Not far from the town of Longsheng, which sits on the fast moving Rongshui river, is a landscape of extraordinary rice terraces that reach up to a string of 800-metre-high peaks. The rice terraces themselves are called Longji Titian, meaning 'Dragon's Backbone'. They have been carved out over a matter of centuries and are among the most spectacular terraces in China. Get away from the fast pace of modern life and stay overnight in a small lodge in Ping'an, a charming and peaceful village that has no cars or roads, and only stone footpaths to lead the villagers from house to house.

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