FD Explore Ishigaki by car

| May 15, 2020

With year-round temperatures of around 20 degrees and some beautiful beaches, Ishigaki is an ideal place to relax after a tour of Japan. Hiring a car is the best way to explore, and the island is small enough to drive around in a day and visit different places of interest. Off the east coast near Shiraho Beach, there are some pristine coral reefs and excellent snorkelling, or head to Kabira bay on the north coast for a glass-bottomed boat ride across the clear waters. The white-sand Sukuji beach nearby is another popular spot. Mount Omoto in the centre of the island offers an adventurous 2-hour hike to the summit for some superb views, or visit Ishigaki City which is home to most of the islands shops and restaurants, and the small Ishigaki City Yaeyama Museum which has exhibits on the history and archaeology of the Yaeyama Islands.

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