FD - cottage of Du Fu, and Leshan Buddha with lunch

| May 15, 2020

South of Chengdu, the small town of Leshan at the confluence of the Dadu and Min rivers is home to the incredible site of the Leshan Giant Buddha, carved into the riverside cliffs. It measures around 71 metres in height and is the largest Buddha in the world. Even its features are huge: the toes alone are 8 metres long while the ears are over 7 metres. The carving was begun in 713AD by a Buddhist monk called Haitong, and took 90 years to complete. The hope was that the Buddha would subdue the swift river currents and protect boatmen who used to vanish in a nearby hollow. The plan did work as the surplus rocks from the sculpting filled the hollow, although Haitong died before completion of his life's works.

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