FD City Tour & Larco Museum (inc lunch)

| September 24, 2019

Exploring the major areas of interest, this tour visits the Plaza Mayor where the Government Palace, City Hall, National Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace are located and continues to the magnificent 17th century San Francisco Monastery. You will also visit Casa Solariega de Aliaga, a superbly preserved colonial mansion that has been occupied by 16 generations of the same family since 1535. Don Jeronimo De Aliaga was one of the 13 commanders to arrive with Pizarro and was given land around the main square to build his house when Lima was founded. The mansion is decorated with ornate antiques and fine furnishings and it is easy to get a feel of the history of the family. Continue with a drive to the district of Pueblo Libre to visit the Larco Museum and enjoy lunch in its stylish gourmet restaurant. Housed in an 18th century colonial mansion, this museum holds the best private collection of pre-Columbian art in Peru. The displays include a large collection of ceramics, textiles and erotic pottery, and some gold and silver pieces. The exhibits featured are largely from the Moche culture (600 - 1000 AD) and the Chimu culture (1000 - 1400 AD) from Northern Peru. There are also displays from the Nazca and Inca periods. Share: [Sassy_Social_Share]
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