FD City tour

| May 15, 2020

Within the past turbulent century, much of Shanghai's old quarters were destroyed, but what remains gives an interesting insight into Shanghai's past, in particular its gardens and temples. For the Chinese, gardens were a microcosm in which the gardener had to combine the qualities of a painter, poet, architect and landscape gardener. A skilful gardener could construct their own world using minerals, plants and animals in a limited space. This can be seen in the Yuyuan gardens, which occupy less than 2 hectares but, through clever landscaping, appear far larger. They ingeniously mingle pavilions and corridors, small hills, lotus ponds teeming with goldfish, bridges, winding paths, trees and shrubs. Also worth visiting is the Jade Buddha temple. Named after two milk-white jade Buddha statues brought back from Burma in the 19th century, it is still in active use with dozens of monks in attendance.

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