FD Chinchero, Maras & Moray

| March 10, 2020

Full day visit to Chinchero, Maras and Moray. The picturesque Andean village of Chinchero lies to the northwest of Cuzco and the drive offers magnificent views across the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Situated at 3,700 metres above sea level, Chinchero has a well-preserved Inca wall in the main square and a colonial country church that has interesting frescoes on the portico. A visit will be made to the small market, which is held every Sunday, and is considered by many to be one of the most colourful markets in the Cuzco area. Continue to the picturesque town of Maras. A very prosperous community in colonial times, legacies from this era remain in the town’s lovely church and its now decaying colonial houses which sport the coat-of-arms of native nobility. Close to Maras are salt mines from the Inca era that are still worked today. The tour concludes with a visit to the archaeological site of Moray which lies just seven kilometres from Maras. Composed of a series of concentric agricultural terraces, some as deep as 150 metres, Maras is thought to have been a large agricultural laboratory where the Incas created different microclimates to grow a large variety of crops.   Share: [Sassy_Social_Share]
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