FD Amphawa floating market tour (available FRI, SAT, SUN only)

| May 15, 2020

Mahachai fish market, one of the largest and most interesting fresh seafood markets in Thailand, is an ideal place to sample some of the produce from the many stalls and small restaurants that serve fresh fish, prawns, crab and other seafood cooked in Thai style. Visit the famous Mae Klong market, where stall holders and vendors have spilt over on to the railway tracks. When a siren indicates a train is approaching, the market traders prove remarkably adept at removing their stalls from the tracks, as they hold on to the poles supporting their awnings to make way for the train to pass. It is a tight squeeze as the train travelling at about 15mph almost touches the fruits, vegetables and everything else at the marketplace as it passes through. Once the train is gone, the vendors push back the stalls and awnings into position and everything goes back to normal as if nothing has happened, one of the stranger sights you will see on your journey. End your day at the Amphawa floating market. More traditional and much less visited by tourists than the more popular Damnoen Saduak, the market here allows for a more authentic insight to local life.

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