Afternoon walking tour of historic Phnom Penh

| May 15, 2020

Explore the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, escorted by a local guide who will lead you to the iconic buildings that tell the story of the city. Start at the city's very beginning with Wat Phnom, the city's first pagoda, which was erected here in 1373 at the behest of the city's founder, Madame Daun Penh. Walk to the Post Office Square for a look at the stunning French colonial-era buildings, such as Van's Restaurant. Pass along the riverfront to visit some little-known historic buildings in the city, including hidden Chinese temples in the back streets of the capital, then emerge onto Monivong Boulevard near the French Embassy, the site of the final evacuation of foreigners still in the city when the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975. Heading south again, visit Le Bibliotheque, the striking national library, then the beautiful but under-utilised Phnom Penh railway station. Finish with a view over the capital from one of its highest points and a bird's-eye view of the renovated art deco Central Market. Explore the market and end the day with a fresh fruit shake or an iced coffee.

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