1-hour kimono wearing (shared excursion)

| May 15, 2020

Visit the Women's Association of Kyoto (WAK Japan), an association that runs a range of experiences aimed at providing overseas visitors with an insight into Japanese culture with full English explanation. A popular experience is learning to dress in a traditional kimono, discovering how to wear it properly and move gracefully while wearing it. If the weather is fine, you will be able to go outside to take photos if you wish to. A range of kimonos are available, such as an exquisite silk garment in midnight blue with a flock of silver cranes sweeping across the long sleeves, or a light pink kimono decorated with an ornate cherry blossom motif. A contrasting forest green obi sash, tied in a drum bow, can be added, and the whole costume completed with tabi split-toe socks in order to accommodate wooden geta sandals. There are kimono robes for men too, in darker more subdued shades. Although kimonos are no longer worn daily by most Japanese, they are still proudly put on for special occasions such as weddings and coming of age ceremonies.

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