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Photography competition … Enter here

| 05 Apr 2017

The Compass photography competition is run twice a year. Enter for your chance to win a selection of prizes – we look forward to seeing your images.

Photography competition - credit Peter Cook

Image credits: Peter Cook

SilverFox rucksackTo enter the photography competition, please follow the instructions below. These entries will be entered into the Winter 2018 issue where they will be announced. The deadline for images for the next issue is 12 September 2017; any entries supplied after that date will be entered into the competition in the following issue of Compass.

For the next issue, Compass has teamed up with Silverfox Travel & Outdoors to offer you the chance to win an Eagle Creek Actify 26” wheeled rucksack in sage green, worth £159.99. This lightweight item of luggage has a multi-function with backpack straps and wheels, perfect for travellers who want the best of both worlds!

Be sure to provide a caption to go along with the image; a 40 word description of what the image is all about. Please let us know the name of the photographer (this has to be you), the country, city or town and the date it was taken. Images must be from an area where Cox & Kings travel. If you would like to view the previous winners, please click here.

Before entering, please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of the competition below. There is no limit to the number of images you can enter. If you are having issues using this form, please email your entries to instead.

Photography competition entry form:

Upload your image (less than 4MB)

Upload your image (less than 4MB)

Upload your image (less than 4MB)

Upload your image (less than 4MB)

I agree to the terms and conditions

Photography competition terms and conditions:

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