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Jessica Cater - Senior Manager, Business Resources

Jessica Cater


Jessica joined Cox & Kings as Sales Manager in October 1998, joined the Senior Management Team when it was established in 2000, and in June 2002 moved to her current role looking after many of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of the business. Before Cox & Kings she had spent her career in the airline industry. Jessica’s love of travel started at a young age – she says “ my first flight was to Dublin when I was four years old, and I cried hysterically as I was forced to get off the plane; I loved being in the fluffy white clouds and was distraught at being back on the ground.” She has since travelled all over the world – her first trip was to Algeria when she was 17, and she hasn’t stopped moving ever since. Above all, her passion is for wildlife, and she’s been tiger spotting in India, whale watching in New Zealand, sloth spotting in the Ecuadorian Amazon and walking amongst the amazing wildlife of the Galapagos. Her all-time favourite destination is Ruaha National Park in southern Tanzania, as it’s still relatively wild and undiscovered; although Kruger National Park in South Africa comes a close second, with an amazing diversity of scenery and wildlife.